Who didnt have the chanche to participate in Logistikaseminar 2016, then we are glad to announce that you are able to watch it after!

The seminar was lead in Vennad Vähid and the opening speech was from Taivo Karu.

I Teemaplokk focuses on international affairs.

Lauri Karp – „How goes the Estonian economy and how we can be more successful?“
Mari Tepp – „TTIP – the next step towards globalization?”
Gert Teder – „How does the logistics works in crisis and hotbeds of war?“


After the lunch brake, the II themeblock continued, which introduced the modern and future solutions in logistics.

Lars Mårtensson – „Future trend and innovation?“
Arno Kütt – “Automated package delivery point to package robot.”
Harry Kanistik – „New solutions in package delivery“
Henrik Raave – „New solutions in passanger delivery“

III Themeblokk compared competition and co-operation, and more in depth it was talked about in discussion panel.

Kimmo Weissenberg – „How to make 30 minutes to 3 minutes?“
Ülle Aasjõe – „ Two steps to connect the school and the company“
Märt Kelder – „ Partnership and competition viewen from different angles“
Discussion panel – „Bipolar – Does it endure?“

After the students were introduced to companies via Tudengibox and dinner was served. Logistikaseminar was ended by entertainement program, where eperiments were done and Terminaator live took place!