Moderator – Märt Treier

We are glad to announce that this year’s Logistics seminar will be moderated by Märt Treier.

Treier has a many years worth of work experience at the Estonian National Broadcasting as a radionews presenter and he also has worked at TV3 as news editor and after that he was the head of the editorial.

His wealth of experience is not limited by only working on television, as he has also been tied to Vikerradio for a long time as he has been running the morning program there and he still is.

Author: Tanel Valdna/ERR


Opening speech – Raul Toomsalu


The opening speech of this year’s seminar will be given by the chairman of the board of AS Operail – Raul Toomsalu. During his school years his favourite subjects were maths and physics and at the end of high school he took the optional exam on physics. A year later the entrepreneurial Raul sold the car his father gave him as a gift and the income he got from the sale helped him to pay the tuition of one semester in EBS. Our opening speaker has created, rebuilded, developed and redesigned many companies in Estonia and in foreign countries. Experiences have created an understanding that you have to dream big and straits can be turned into success if made the correct calls.






Arkadi Popov – Head of the Ambulance Centre of the North Estonia Medical Centre


We are glad to announce our first speaker, who is the head of the Ambulance Centre in the North Estonia Medical Centre – Arkadi Popov.

The Ambulance Centre consists of the Ambulance division combined with a Telemedicine unit, the Reanimation department with small-island first aid crews and Catastrophe Medicine department. 

Arkadi Popov will tell us about the logistical side of the Ambulance Centre and how they cooperate with the Emergency Response Centre and the police.



Kirill Spektor – Operail’s Chief Specialist


Operail’s Chief Specialist Kirill Spektor has worked with special transport for more than 5 years. Rail transportation interests our performer because of its rapid development, also Kirill feels that there are enough challenges and possibilities to always develop something new. With his technical skills and independence, Kirill is able to provide his customers the safest and the best results in transportation of goods.  

During this year´s seminar Kirill is going to introduce how special loads are loaded and transported by rail. Furthermore, he will give his vision about specificities in rail transport, based on his own experience.



Vahur Krautman – Kaarlaid Logistics


The second speaker of the Special Transport sector – Vahur Krautman, who is arranging special transport at Kaarlaid Logistics. The speaker introduces himself by his own words:

“Special transport already fascinated me as a child as I used to watch relevant programs from the Discovery channel. A business partner recently said as a joke that the special transport sector is very creative – you constantly have to invent something new. I guess that is the creative part in our business – it is possible to solve one problem different ways and all of them are correct ways – connecting to the inner artist and don’t let the routine take a toll on you. Adding the adrenaline from the projects, the comprehensive maze of the business world of human relations and law and the laws of physics and mathematics from the real world, so this everyday search for the point of balance in the war of art vs commerce has turned me into a special transport fanatic. In my free time I find myself giving vocal lessons in the WAF singing choir and wearing out the stage with the band Wiiralt.”

During this year’s seminar Vahur Krautman will talk about the bottlenecks of special transport and an interesting example of an intergrated transport project. He will also give his thoughts about the changes of the last decade in Estonian special transport industry.


Martin Niinepuu – Estonian Defense Forces


The lastly announced speaker from the Special Transport sector is lieutenant Martin Niinepuu from the Estonian Defense Forces, where he has been in service for more than 10 years. Niinepuu focuses on the differences between civilian and defense logistics, along with the specifics of the military, while providing realistic examples of the logistics used in missions. Another topic will be Estonia’s participation in the strategic airlift program for the C-17 military aircraft, with emphasis on purchasing airplane flight hours.

In his presentation, he isn’t talking so much about the differences between Defense Forces logistics and civilian logistics, as he tries to convey the picture of how they “make a bang”. It is up to the listeners to find the differences. 

“As the units, goods, equipment, or technology of the Estonian Defense Forces move, you can be sure that the movement coordination center is always directly or indirectly involved.”





Thomas Tammus – Head of Direction of Bolt Scooters Estonia


The first speaker of the IT sector is the head of direction of the Bolt scooters in Estonia – Thomas Tammus. Thomas has graduated from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and has been working in this field for 5 years. The speaker has experience in transport management, The Transportation Agency and in military services as a supply company manager. Today he is employed by one of the most successful start-up companies in Estonia called BOLT.

Logistics is everywhere and that’s what fascinates our speaker the most. According to Thomas, logistics helps win wars on the battlefield as well in private business, but without well thought-out logistics system you will lose or finish second. But in war and business, there is only room for the winners. Transport and logistics isn’t only about transportation management and trucks, it has always been something much more. Thanks to the technological solutions mainstreaming the human movement and logistics in general have became more user-centric. For example, thanks to platform solutions we can be logisticians ourselves and find faster solutions, how to move yourself or the desired goods from point A to point B more cost-effectively and time-efficiently.

Delivery robots, electric skateboards, last mile and user-friendly are the key words for last decade final years and at the end of the last year, personal and rental electric scooters dominated the urban landscape. Every new technology raises questions, and questions need answers. How much does it take to teach users how to use the new technology? Are urban infrastructures ready for the new challenges? Do new services need to be regulated? And can you get to the moon with the new electric scooter? This is what Thomas Tammus, the Estonian head of direction of electric scooters, will talk about.


Margot Heinsalu – Head of Development of the Baltics in DPD


Margot has worked in transportation field almost for 5 years and since February she is leading the team and processes being responsible for building company’s competitive advantage through never-ending value proposition development to the market, based on new/existing products portfolio management.

In the transportation and logistics business, Margot is fascinated by fields diversity and that there is always something new to learn about. According to her, field is interesting and full of revolutionary processes, where new exciting solutions come forward every day. 

Margot’s presentation focuses on how service is born in transportation business, what’s happening in the background and before the service launch at all. Which are important factors behind the scenes so that the parcel would arrive from the sender to recipient under the conditions given.


Ingmar Roos – Chairman of the Tpilet board 


The first speaker from IT sector is Ingmar Roos. At first, Roos studied logistics, but after working for a few years, he found that he wanted to develop further. So he eventually returned to university to study IT.

Thanks to Roos’s willpower and need for self-fulfillment, Tpilet is used in Estonia today and which has helped to make travelling by bus easier and faster. 

We often buy a bus ticket from our computer or cellphone but no longer from the bus driver. Have you wondered how it has changed the bus industry? Ingmar Roos, Chairman of the Tpilet Board, will tell us about the impacts of the digitalisation of the ticket market on the bus sector.





Siim Kroon – Technical Director of International Horse Show


Our Entertainment section speaker Siim Kroon does his everyday work at the Ruila stable, the stable also organizes national and international horse competitions. For his outstanding effort at the Ruila stable Siim Kroon was invited in 2013 to Tallinn International Horse Show to be the technical director. Since then he has helped organize the event in Saku Suurhall, he also has some experience with smaller event like the previously mentioned one. Siim is a trustworthy man and he is often approached regarding different questions about horses, even how the competition grounds and stables are supposed to be built

Siim Kroon, who is the tehnical director of Tallinn International Horse Show is bringing the logistics side of the show to audience. He is going to talk about simple logistics such as catering and more complicated logistics like animal transport. Also, Siim Kroon will deliver some information about different complications that they have had in the past and solutions that they found to resolve the problems while organizing Tallinn International Horse Show.


Mihkel Sirelpuu – Tehnical Director of Live Nation Estonia


Our second in line speaker from our Entertainment sector is the Tehnical Director of Live Nation Estonia, Mihkel Sirelpuu. He has been working for Live Nation Estonia (former BDG Music) for 12 years already and during these years he has arranged over 300 events. The most interesting and the biggest challenge of the music industry among the list must be the Metallica concert that took place at Tartu Raadi last summer.

Our speaker got his first concert organizing experience when he was just 8 years old and he hasn’t had enough of it since. Sirelpuu will tell us about the logistics of organizing concerts with focusing on bigger concerts and how these are arranged.


Kristofer Piir – Producer and location manager of Allfilm


Have you ever thought how movies are made? What’s the role of logistics in making a movie? How much planning does it take to make a movie? Kristofer Piir, the producer and location manager of Estonia’s biggest film studio Allfilm, will present the logistical aspects of movie production.





Janno Siitan – Administrative Manager of Shell Helix Rally Estonia


Janno Siitan, administrative manager of Rally Estonia is going to talk about logistical activities related to organizing rally. Rally Estonia is taking place for the 10th time this year, our performer has been involved approximately 2,5 years.

Janno has been fond of motorsport since he was a child, he is following motor rally and motorsport in general. Also, Janno Siitan has experienced rally in his own skin, when he sat in a rally car a few times as a card reader.

During this year’s event, Janno will talk about how they plan spectator zones, stages and maintenance area while they organize Rally Estonia. Moreover he will bring us challenges caused by WRC teams who have participated in rally.