Logistikaseminar 2016 speakers

Lauri Karp – „How goes the Estonian economy and how we can be more successful?“


Lauri Karp is financial market leader with significant experience in that field. In his career he has become the owner of many companies and member of the highly respected boards. Lauri Karp’s education started in Kadriorg School. He obtained his higher education at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, where he wrote a master’s thesis on Estonian’s currency board monetary system. Lauri Karp works at a company in Germany KFPD Gmbh. He is also a council member of the family’s metallurgy company named AS Silmet Group. His career journey has included business, innovation and capital markets issues.



Mari Tepp – „TTIP – the next step towards globalization?”


Mari Tepp works in Republic of Estonia Ministry of foreign Affairs in the Economic and Development department. Her area is Estonia’s foreign trade, and, among others, the EU’s trade negotiations with the United States (trans Atlantic trade and investment partnership contract and the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP). In the TTIP negotiations Mari in cooperation with other state agencies coordinate Estonia’s position and submission. In the seminar, she speaks of how TTIP fits into the overall context of international relations, what purpose should it achieve, who or what wins or loses, and what could be the Estonian companies interest in negotiations. She has previously worked in political research center in Brussels, where among other things, helped to conduct studies on the impact of trade to the environmental resources. Mari Tepp studied history at the University of Tartu and EU´s law at the Paris Institut Politiques d’études.

Gert Teder – „How does the logistics works in crisis and hotbeds of war?“


Gert Teder graduated the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in 1997. He currently works at the North Rescue Centre Lilleküla commando as guard platoon commander. In addition, he is external lecturer at The Rescue College of EASS. Since 1997, Gert Teder is a member of Estonian Rescue Team and one of the three search and rescue team´s leader. He is a member of the UN and the EU disaster liquidation reserve of experts. Worked in the wake of disasters in Pakistan, Moldova, Haiti, Turkey, Jordan, Malawi, Bosnia-Herzegovina.



Lars Mårtensson – „Future trend and innovation?“


Lars Mårtensson is Director Environment and Innovations at Volvo Trucks. His educational background is a University degree in Chemical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Policy. During his 20 years at Volvo, he has been Environmental Director at Volvo Penta and Volvo Group. In his present position at Volvo Trucks, he is responsible for environment and innovation strategies and objectives. Volvo Trucks has during this time period presented the first CO2-neutral automotive production plant in the world, 7 trucks adapted for seven different renewable fuel alternatives and the first hybrid refuse truck in the world as well as innovations like Volvo Dual Clutch and Volvo Dynamic Steering. Lars Mårtensson was for many years the chairman of the Swedish network Climate neutral transports on road. The common objective is to reduce CO2 emissions from road transports by 50% 2020.

Arno Kütt – “Automated package delivery point to package robot “


Arno Kütt is entrepreneur who has reached with 25 years from making picture frames to the world unique parcel robot production. In 1991 he began making picture frames. In 1993 he was one of the wooden furniture business Eerung founders, which exported the furniture to 10 different countries (Germany, Finland, England, Sweden and others). In 1998 started ON24 e-shop, in 2006 created their own efficient logistics network. In 2007 he founded Smart Post with the help of investors. From where in 2010 developed Cleveron AS – pack machines and robots developing and producing company. Today Cleveron have been sold parcel machines around the world – Finland, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Brazil and Russia. In 2015 a valued United States company with long experienced wanted to start a partnership, their executive director, has been said: * “Cleveron not only has the best technology in the market, but also the holistic approach to terminal delivery proven by results.”

Kimmo Weissenberg – „How to turn 30 minutes into 3 minutes?“


Kimmo Weissenberg’s presentation topic is “How to turn 30 minutes into three minutes?” Weissenberg studied processes technology in Åbo Academy. He worked as head of research in Ahlström Mixing Technology Center in 1987-1995, as a project manager in DISA in 1995-1996 and marketing manager in VACON since 1997 to 2007. At the moment he is NWE Network Engineering Sales Director. As can be seen from these working relationships, he has had everything from the mixing of liquids and dust to electronics, and now insurance of the goods. Correlation is between the research and development, customized solutions for unexplored areas and new solutions for work by combining existing components.


Harry Kanistik – „New solutions for parcel delivery“


Harry Kanistik possesses 10 years experience in digital marketing. Previously, he has been the digital department manager in the company Age McCann (part of McCann World Group). Harry has worked in the world’s biggest brands, including L’Oreal, Samsung and TeliaSonera. In addition, he has worked in the international e-commerce enterprise Rebate Networks and in several marketing positions in Estonia, Canada and Slovakia. He is currently a board member of the company Elevators Startup Labs and co-founder in PostPal and Easyfy.io.



Henrik Raave – „New solutions for passenger transport“


Henrik Raave is current Taxify Estonia chief executive, who owns a 12-year comprehensive experience in the field of marketing. Henrik has previously been marketing manager in Eesti Ekspress and CEO in City Motors. He has shared his business experience, in a lecture in Estonian Business School.




Ülle Aasjõe – „Two steps to connect the school and company“


Ülle Aasjõe started as lecturer in 2010 in the University of Applied Sciences. Today, she has become the chair holder in logistics and economics department. She is one of the UAS lecturers who will help third-year logistics students to organize the seminar and will contribute to bring the school and company more closely together. Ülle Aasjõe has graduated Estonian Business School International Business Administration and has extensive professional experience as a sales manager.



Märt Kelder – „Cooperation and competition in different perspectives“


Märt Kelder is an ex-Skyper with 12 years of experience in engineering and product management. He is also an entrepreneur and hands on angel investor. In 2005 he graduated University of Technology where he earned a master’s degree in computer science. He was among the first five employees of Skype. He started in QA but soon moved on to build and manage Skype’s video team – the team that developed the best video conferencing technology in the world. Having personally hired over 50 world class engineers at Skyp he has experienced Skype growing from five to over 2000 employees. At the moment Märt Kelder is co-founder in the web platform Voog and mobile application Taxify investor. In addition he helps Taxify with product strategy and hiring.

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