Infosociety and the exchange of data

Riho Oks, the founder and the head of Roksnet

In the modern information society, digital data and it’s use have a key role to play in most areas of life, as it has played a key role during Stone Age with rock useage and processing. The availability of digital data and the possibility of using it give a great advantage to the current paper management. The information society and logistics sector are very similar in nature. In both sectors there are used logistics, logistics of data and information in one area and logistics of goods / products and services in the other area. The basis of efficient logistics is to make correct decisions by the people, but more and more by the systems. As often happens the decisions are made on many circumstances still on paper, in the future will survive those who are able to organize their business through better-optimized information technology and useage of data. Estonia is famous in the world for its e-society success, but at the same time it can not be said that the work done so far gives grounds to rest on the success achieved so far. As building a city never ends, is the same with a business. If you want new ideas on how to better manage your business, Estonian e-Government expert and developer of the X-Road project, Riho Oks, is kindly willing to share their experiences with the data and it’s secure exchange.

In the workshop, we focus on the following information society and data exchange topics:
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The workshop is held in Estonian and can be attended by 40 people.