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Attention! Logistics Seminar 2016 will take place in Viljandi, Sakala Centre. To attend the seminar, please fill all the fields which are marked with an asterisk(*) .

Issueing the invoices will start no later than February 1, 2016. From the moment the invoice is issued and sent to the registrants e-mail, it has to be payed within 7 calendar days. If the bill is not paid within the given time, registration will be canceled. If the bill is not paid by the participant, please add the participants name in the explanation field.

The discount price 19€ is valid until 07.02.2016, after that the price is 25 €. The ticket includes: seminar participation, lunch and dinner, coffee breaks, the evening entertainment program and if necessary transportation Tallinn- Viljandi- Tallinn.

Number of tickets is limited!


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