Logistics seminar


Logistics seminar is a significant logistics event organised by the third course of transport and logistics at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. Students and representatives of companies in the logistics sector attended the seminar. The first logistics seminar took place in 2000; since then, it has been an annual tradition.

The mission of the Logistics seminar:
The mission of the Logistics seminar is to give logistics students practical experience in organizing an international seminar and sustainably receive and share current information between students, entrepreneurs and teaching staff.

The vision of the Logistics seminar:

  1. To bring together students, lecturers and entrepreneurs.
  2. To obtain and exchange current business and logistics information.
  3. To develop a global and systemic mindset.
  4. To create useful contacts between students, lecturers and entrepreneurs.
  5. To motivate Estonian logistics students and unlock their potential skills.
  6. To enable versatile personal development and self-realization by offering the experience of real organization of an international project.
  7. To strengthen the motivation to learn.
  8. To expand external contacts to create new learning opportunities.
  9. To expand internship opportunities.
  10. To bring together vacancies and logistics students.
  11. To encourage regional logistics development.


Year 2023 - “Crossing borders”
The twenty-fourth logistics seminar took place on March 21, 2023 in Kultuurikatel. This year's seminar topic was "Crossing Borders", highlighting that the goal in logistics is not just moving goods from point A to point B. The seminar looked into the transportation of prohibited goods, discussed what attracts Estonian logisticians to work abroad, and discussed burnout and its impact on logisticians. The day started with a hilarious stand-up for logisticians by Mattias Naan and Kaarel Nõmmik, and the day ended with a concert by Ott Lepland. The whole day was led by Sander Rebane. Various workshops were held during the breaks. The guests could also explore the exhibition area with a bunch of different logistics companies. Student box took place on March 20 in the Zoom environment, the day before the seminar. The project manager of the seminar was Tanel Aavistu.
Year 2022 - "Changing the rules to the future"

The twenty-third logistics seminar conquered the coronavirus, and last year's wish to hold the seminar in the Apollo cinema was fulfilled. On the 23rd occasion, the theme "In the Whirlwind of Change" was introduced. The two topic blocks of the seminar talked about the present and the future, i.e. what changes took place in the field of logistics at that moment, and what will happen in the following years, hence the name of the seminar "Changing the rules to the future". In the third topic block, the focus was on sharing inspiring life stories and a push was given on how to deal with these coming changes in the future. 

Year 2021 - "The idea creates the future"

The twenty-second logistics seminar - a logistics seminar that had to contend with strong constraints. The seminar was originally planned to be held at Apollo Cinema in Ülemiste Center. Despite the restrictions, an attempt was made to organize the seminar in a hybrid form, but at the end of February the decision was made to organize the first e-logistics seminar. In addition, the student box was also held fully online, through Zoom, in cooperation with CV Keskus for the first time ever. The seminar was focused on the future and how it starts with our ideas. The day was divided into three parts: WILL, PASSION and WINNING RUN/RACE. Martin Villig, the well-known founder of Bolt, was the main speaker of the event.

Year 2020 - "Logistics Redefined"

The twenty-first logistics seminar was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olympia conference center. The keywords of the logistics seminar were special logistics, IT and entertainment. The goal was to expand the boundaries of logistics by talking about how logistics works in very different areas. Among others, Arkadi Popov also helped to shed light on special logistics, talking about the logistics of the emergency center and the special features that come with it. In the IT topic block, digitalization and its impact on various subtypes of logistics, service providers and consumers were primarily touched upon. In the entertainment block, various major projects in Estonia and the logistical choices and decisions necessary for their successful completion were discussed. Representatives of the sports, music and film industries also shared their experiences. There was also a student box, which has become a tradition, and a logistics fair area, where companies and seminar participants could get to know each other better. Märt Treier helped steer the seminar in the right direction with sharp questions. The evening ended with an after party at Urban Bar with music, theater and good food. The main organizer of the seminar was Evelin Tarro.

Year 2019 – “Possibility in Every Direction”

The twentieth (anniversary seminar) was held in the Viru Hotel conference center and the number of participants, for the first time, reached 450. The keywords of the seminar were success, innovation and finding answers. The overarching theme of the seminar was "Possibilities in Every Direction", the aim of which was to encourage people to find opportunities everywhere around them. The main speaker of the seminar was Juhani Mykkänen, co-founder of Wolt, who revealed tricks on how to create a big business from a small idea. Automation in all areas was the main recurring theme among the speakers. In the panel discussion, various representatives of the public and private sector took the stage and debated on various topics related to logistics. Urmas Vaino was the moderator and host of the panel discussion. All different students could meet various employers in the traditional student box and find an internship there in just two minutes. Visitors to the seminar were also able to meet different companies in the fair area, where they could also win small souvenirs by playing various games. The evening ended with a lively afterparty in the Cafe Amigo club, where the headliner was the favorite band of many - Traffic. Deniss Semjonov was the chief organizer of the anniversary seminar.

Year 2018 - "Crisis, responsibility, solution"

The nineteenth logistics seminar was held at Tallinn Lauluväljak. This year we had 410 people participating at the event - that was a record number of people. The key words of the seminar were crisis, responsibility and solution, where crisis resolution processes, labor-related topics and digitalization possibilities were dissected through the eyes of various practitioners. This year, instead of a classic debate, various workshops were organized where all visitors could participate and share their opinions. The seminar did not lack a traditional student box, and a lot of interesting companies could be found in the trade fair area. The evening ended with an entertainment program led by Curly Strings. The main organizer of the logistics seminar 2018 was Henri Meerbach, and the assistant organizer was Karmel Raadik.

Year 2017 - "Future is now!"

The eighteenth Logistics Seminar was held in Ülemiste City at the SpaceX event center. The topic blocks of this seminar were - FLEET, SHELF, INFRA. They talked about innovative solutions on trucks, AS/RS systems in warehouses and the future of Tallinn Airport. The panel discussion was focused on students’ internships. The main organizer was Megel Arroküll and she was assisted by Sheril Taim.

Year 2016 - "Bipolar Success"

The seventeenth Logistics Seminar took place in Sakala Cultural Center in Viljandi. The theme of the seminar focused on the methods of reaching success and their contrast. A fundamental change in the structure of traditional areas of activity through the ideas of the sharing economy became a common theme. In between the topic blocks, all those interested could get to know different logistics companies and their activities, search for an internship through the student box or check out the latest trucks. The main organizers were Taivo Karu and Siiri Saks.

Year 2015 - "Time of Change"

The sixteenth Logistics Seminar took place on the ship Baltic Queen sailing between Tallinn and Helsinki. Logistics seminar 2015 offered a lot of new and current information in the form of various presentations. Topics ranging from the development of maritime transport to the future of the transport sector were discussed. In addition to the performances, opportunities were offered to create partnerships and participate in mini-fairs put on by the companies, where the activities of the companies were introduced. The main sponsor of the event was ACE Logistics, and the main organizers were Monika Millend and Kaisa Raudla.

Year 2014 "Tradition or Innovation"

The fifteenth Logistics Seminar was held at Narva College of the University of Tartu. A total of 275 people participated in the seminar. On the first day, the changes of the last 15 years were looked back, their effects were discussed, and the way forward was suggested. There was an exciting discussion on the topics of education and training, and the day ended with a lively evening program. On the 2nd day, companies located in Narva and its surroundings were visited. The participants had the opportunity to visit the warehouses of FEBPARTS OÜ and Estin Warehousing OÜ, Eesti Energia Oil Industry and Sillamäe Port located in the Narva Industrial and Logistics Park. The main sponsor of the event was Kühne+Nagel and the main organizer was Kaija Kilumets.

Year 2013 "Face the risk"

The fourteenth Logistics Seminar, with nearly 180 participants, was held in Haapsalu Cultural House. The topic of the seminar was Hidden risks. On the first day, topics related to risks were discussed from different perspectives. Participants worked in several exciting working groups. On the following day, companies located in Haapsalu and its surroundings were visited. The lecturers were professionals in their field from Estonia, Finland and Denmark. The day was led by Raivo Vare and Urmas Vaino, the main organizer was Liis Kitsing.

Year 2012 "Rail Baltica"

The thirteenth Logistics Seminar was held at the Dorpat Hotel & Conference Center in Tartu, drawing a crowd of nearly 240 participants. The seminar centered around the subject of Rail Baltica. The topics of the presentations were Rail Baltica as a priority cooperation project, modal shift, and new opportunities related to this project were also discussed. The lecturers were professionals in their field from Estonia, Finland, and Latvia. The day was led by Raivo Vare and the chief organizer was Sander Vanaisak.

Year 2011 "BE wise, THINK twice - ACT technologically"

The twentieth logistics seminar was once again held at the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel in Pärnu, where nearly 275 participants had attended. The seminar focused on technology and innovation in logistics, in order to be aware of the new technological possibilities that today's rapidly developing science can offer. The topics presented concerned both information traffic and technological equipment, i.e. both smart and hardware. The lecturers were professionals in their field from Estonia, Finland, Austria and Argentina. On the morning of the second day, you could visit either Efore AS or AS Wendre company and work groups took place. The main organizer was Tair Teder.

Year 2010 "More than one way"

The eleventh seminar was held for the first time on the Tallink cruise ship MS Baltic Queen, where a total of 275 people participated in the event. The sub-topic was intermodality and the topic "What kind of tomorrow will intermodality bring" was discussed. Foreign lecturers were experts in their field from the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. At the end of the first day, the unique essay competition PROLOG SCM Academy was held for the first time in Estonia on the initiative of Illimar Paul, and the evening culminated with the rhythmic dance songs of Jaan Kiris and his family. On the morning of the second day, 4 different terminals were visited in the port of Stockholm and productive working groups took place. This time there was an opportunity to dance in the ship's night club on the second night as well. The main organizer was Elen Tsopp.

Year 2009 - "InnoTime- Innovation and effectiveness in the field of logistics"

The jubilee-inspired 10th logistics seminar took place in the Dorpat conference center in Tartu. In two days, innovative topics were delved into, which would help to adapt better to the market. How to keep up with new solutions and not fall behind the pace and find practical solutions to secure a position in the market. The seminar was attended by lecturers from Austria, Finland and Estonia. On the first day, there was an engaging panel discussion and the final of the "Most Innovative Logistics Company 2009" competition. In the evening, a banquet was held in the Atlantis restaurant. On the second day, it was possible to get to know the trailer rental companies at Tartu Airport or Espo. The main organizer was Helen Tiitmaa.

Year 2008 "Green logistics"

The 9th annual logistics seminar was held in Laulasmaa. The focus was on increasing the possibilities of environmental sustainability in logistics. Once again, the seminar attracted registrations from nearly 300 participants. There were speakers from Canada, Germany, Sweden. For the first time, the program of the seminar also included a competition where the greenest logistics company in Estonia was chosen. The highlight of the first day was the panel discussion on the topic "Go Green, No Green", and in the evening there was a lively pool party at Laulasmaa Spa. On the second day of the seminar, it was possible to visit the North Port of Paldiski under the guidance of Robert Antropov. Event project lead was Lauri Latt.

Year 2007 "Human resource current state and opportunities"

The 8th logistics seminar took place in the Strand hotel in Pärnu. The seminar focused on the maximum realization of the potential of existing human capital and the need for effective management and development of human resources. Foreign lecturers were from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia and Switzerland. For the first time, the seminar program included a panel discussion and a mini fair, where students could actively get to know different companies. The number of participants in the seminar reached 300 people for the first time. The workshops took place on the second day of the seminar, and after the end of the program there was an opportunity to visit AS Wendre and Pärnu Vocational Education Center. Main organizer of the event was Rennat Alamets.

Year 2006 "Silkway - anyway"

The seventh seminar took place on April 28-29, 2006 in the newly completed Jõhvi Concert Hall. The key objective of the seminar was the exchange of information in the increasingly globalized business world, the search for cooperation opportunities and the development of acquaintances. The patron of the seminar was Tiit Vähi, and the suitability of Estonia as a cooperation partner of China was discussed. The seminar was attended by lecturers and speakers from Lithuania, Denmark, Russia, and China. For the first time, simultaneous translation into Estonian, English and Russian was provided, and the first workshop in English was also held. More than 200 participants took part in the seminar for the first time. On the second day of the seminar, there was an exciting landscape game and a visit to Sillamäe harbor. The main organizer was Lauri Tael.

Year 2005 "Networking Business Organizations in a Global Environment"

The sixth logistics seminar focused on the key problems of networking business organizations in the globalizing business environment and the effects of global networking in Estonia. The lecturers were practitioners from Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Poland. Once again, the hall of the Roosta recreation center was packed. In the evening, interesting workshops and a party took place. Main organizer was Marko Laanemets.

Year 2004 "More brains or more trains"

The topic of the fifth logistics seminar was mainly about rail transport, but it was skilfully interwoven with multimodal transport, transit and supply chain management. The seminar took place in the Roosta recreation center. For the first time TUT and EMARA activists were also responsible for the organizational side of the event, in addition to the third-year logistics students. They had done their work with heart, and this was reflected in the seminar's correctness, thoughtfulness and high level, as befits an international event. The seminar had foreign speakers from Finland, Germany and Russia. On the second day, there was an excursion to the Haapsalu Railway Museum. While 180 participants were in attendance, a significantly larger number of individuals expressed interest in joining the event. All tickets were sold out in less than two days. The main organizer was Risto Valkenklau. Oma tööd olid nad teinud südamega ning see kajastus seminari korrektsuses, läbimõelduses ning rahvusvahelisele üritusele kohaselt kõrges tasemes. Seminaril olid välisesinejad Soomest, Saksamaalt ja Venemaalt. Teisel päeval toimus ekskursioon Haapsalu Raudteemuuseumisse. Osalejaid oli 180 inimest, kuid soovijaid sellest mitu korda rohkem. Kõik pääsmed müüdi välja vähem kui kahe päevaga. Peakorraldaja oli Risto Valkenklau.

Year 2003 "Role of ports in the economy in Estonia and Baltic States"

The fourth seminar took place on April 25-26, 2003 at the Tallinn University of Technology and Muuga port, on the topic "The role of ports in the economy of Estonia and the Baltic Sea countries". In previous years, the seminars dealt with logistics in a general sense. In 2003, however, a more specific branch of logistics – port logistics – was discussed. The seminar provided a good and comprehensive picture of the situation and development plans of Estonian ports. Lecturers from Finland, Denmark and Russia were involved in the seminar to obtain versatile information. For the first time, the seminar included an excursion - to the port of Muuga. In 2003, deviating from tradition, second-year students took on the role of organizers for the seminar, crafting the entire program in a mere three months due to unforeseen circumstances. The main organizers were Jaan Väärt and Raines Laul.

Year 2002 "Logistics as a link for effective transit"

The third seminar was held on 26-27 in April 2002 in Roosta Puhkeküla in Läänemaa. The main topic was "Logistics as a link to an effective transit country". The focus was on the necessity and usefulness of transit for Estonia and how to make it more efficient with the help of logistics. The participants had the opportunity to get an overview of the Estonian transit business and have a say in the implementation of several new solutions in logistics. Over the course of two days, various areas were discussed: the priorities of Estonian transport policy through the eyes of a transit company, the port as the main outlet to the West, the theory of limitations in logistics, the forecast for the development of logistics in Estonia. For the first time, an external lecturer - Sanna Nieminen, from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences from Finland - spoke at the seminar. The main organizers are Rainer Rohtla, who is now on the board of Via 3L OÜ, and Martin Berkmann.

Year 2001 "The role of logistics in the economic systems today and tomorrow"

The second logistics seminar took place on the 19th and 20th of April 2001 also in Jäneda. The main topic was "The role of logistics in the economic system today and tomorrow". Apart from the lectures, the seminar participants also had the opportunity to participate in workshops. The main organizers were Jaanika Kula and Krista Kaja.

Year 2000 "Logistics as a way of living"

Esimene Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkooli tudengite korraldatud logistikaseminar toimus 19.–20. aprillil 2000. aastal Jänedal, põhiteemaks “Logistika kui elamise viis”. Teemade ring käsitles logistika mõistet ja logistilisi tegevusi üldisemalt – seminar oli sissejuhatus logistikasse. Lektoriteks nii akadeemikud kui ka ettevõtjad ja seminarist võttis osa üle 80 tudengi. Peakorraldajad olid Tarmo Tael ja Janek Kivimurd

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