Logistics Seminar


Logistics Seminar on Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkooli transpordi ja logistika eriala III kursuse korraldatav logistika suursündmus.

The mission of Logistics Seminar is to provide logistics students with practical experience in organizing an international seminar and to pass on up-to-date information between students, entrepreneurs and lecturers in a sustainable way.


  1. Bring together students, faculty members and entrepreneurs
  2. To recieve and exchange up-to-date business and logistics information
  3. To shape global and systemic thinking
  4. Creating useful contacts between students, teachers and entrepreneurs
  5. Motivating Estonian logistics students and finding their potential
  6. To give studends diverse personal development and self-realization by providing students organizational experience of an international project
  7. Strengthening learning motivation
  8. Networking to create new learning opportunities
  9. Expanding the possibilities of internships in companies
  10. To help fill job vacancies in the logistics sector
  11. Regionaalse logistikaalase arengu soodustamine

Seminari ajalugu

Aasta 2021 – “Idee loob tuleviku”

Kahekümne teine logistikaseminar – logistikaseminar, mis pidi võitlema tugevate piirangutega. Algselt plaaniti seminar korraldada Apollo Kinos, Ülemiste keskuses. Piirangutest hoolimata, üritati seminar korraldada hübriidvormis, kuid veebruari lõpus võeti vastu otsus korralda esimene e-logistikaseminar. Lisaks toimus ka tudengibox esmakordselt läbi Zoomi koostöös CVKeskusega. Seminar oli suunatud tulevikule ja kuidas see saab alguse meie ideedest. Päev jaotati kolmeks osaks: TAHE, KIRG ja VÕIDUJOOKS. Suuresinejaks oli kindlasti kõigile tuntud Bolt’i asutaja Martin Villig.

Year 2020 - "Logistics Redefined"

The 21st Logictics seminar was held in Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia conference centre. The keywords that year were special logistics, IT and entertainment. The goals was to widen the boarders of logistics by speaking about how logistics function in very different areas. Arkadi Popov helped to bring light to special logistics by talking about the logistics in the ambulance center and what it’s peculiarities are. In the IT theme block, discussion about digitalization and it’s effect on different logistics sub-units, service providers and consumers was primary. In the entertainment block different major projects that had happened in Estonia were put on the agenda. Discussion revolved around what logistics decisions were needed to make to successfully organize a project of this caliber. Both sports, music and movie industry representatives were there to share their experience and know-how. At the event there was also the studend box or „tudengibox“ and fair area, which have slowly become a tradition for the seminar. The event was directed by Märt Treier with his sharp questions. The seminar was finished with an afterparty in Urban Bar with music, theatre and good food. The main organizer of the seminar was Evelin Tarro.

Year 2019 - “Possibility in Every Direction”

The twenteenth logistics seminar was held at the Viru Hotel's Conference Center. The number of participants reached a record number of 450 people. The key words of the anniversary logistics seminar were success, innovation and finding answers. The main theme of the seminar was "Possibility in Every Direction" which was meant to encourage people to find different possibilities around eachother. The main speaker of the seminar was Wolt's co-founder Juhani Mykkänen who uncovered some tips on how to turn a small idea into a big business. The top theme which was mentioned by the speakers was optimisation in different fields. There were people representing the private and the public sector who took part in the discussion panel. The moderator who managed the discussion panel was Urmas Vaino. The students had a chance to meet different employers during the studentbox and to find themselves an internship or job with just 2 minutes. The student also had a possibility to meet different companies in the hall of the seminar, companies also had set up a variety of minigames in which people had a chance to win small souvenirs. The evening ended with an afterparty in Cafe Amigo, where the main feature was a popular Estonian band called Traffic. The main organizer of the anniversary seminar was Deniss Semjonov.

Year 2018 - "Crisis, Responsibility, Solution"

The nineteenth logistics seminar was held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, and a record number of 410 people took part in the event. The key words of the seminar were the crisis, responsibility and solution. Various practitioners spoke about crisis resolution processes, work-related issues and possibilities for digitalisation. This year, various workshops were organized instead of the classical debate, where all visitors could participate and share their opinions. The seminar also did not miss the traditional student box, and many interesting companies could be found in the conference area. The evening ended with an entertainment program led by the Curly Strings. The logistics seminar main organizer in 2018 was Henri Meerbach and her help was Karmel Raadik.

Aasta 2017 – “Future is now!”

Eighteenth Logistics Seminar took place in Ülemiste City SpaceX multifunctional room. This year the main theme blocks were- FLEET, SHELF, INFRA. There were topics about technological solutions on trucks, AS/RS systems in warehouses and the future of Tallinn’s airport. There was also a discussion panel with topic about the students and their practical trainings. The main organizers were Megel Arroküll and Sheril Taim.

Year 2016 – “Bipolar success”

Seventeenth Logistics Seminar took place in Viljandi Sakala Cultural centre. Seminar’s theme was focused on the methods leading to success and their confrontation. Recurring theme focused on fundamental changes in current traditional activities’ structure through sharing economy ideas. During the time between theme blocks, all enthusiasts could make acquaintance with different logistics enterprises and get more information about their doings, find a great internship through StudentBox or check out the newest vehicles on the market. The main organizers were Taivo Karu and Siiri Saks.

Year 2015 – „Age of change“

Sixteenth Logistics Seminar took place on a Ro-Pax ship Baltic Queen which operates between Tallinn and Helsinki. Logistics Seminar 2015 offered a lot of new and vital information through different appearances. Many topics were discussed, starting with development of marine transport and finishing with the future of transport in whole. In between the appearances there were opportunities to create contacts with enterprises and take part in minifairs, created by enterprises, to learn more about their doings. The main sponsor was ACE Logistics and the main organizers were Monika Millend and Kaisa Raudla.

Year 2014 „Tradition or Innovation“

Fifteenth Logistics Seminar took place in Tartu University of Narva college. About 275 people took part in the seminar. On the first day there was held a discussion about the changes past 15 years regarding their effects and it was proposed, how to continue. There was an exciting discussion about education and scholarliness issues and the day came to an end with a spirited evening program. The next day enterprises in Narva and its’ surroundings were visited. Participants had a chance to visit enterprises FEBPARTS LLC and Estin Warehousing LLC warehouses in Narva industrial and logistics park, Estonian Energy Oil Manufacturing and the port of Sillamäe. The main sponsor was Kühne+Nagel and the main organizer was Kaija Kilumets.

Year 2013 „Face the risk”

Fourteenth Logistics Seminar took place in Haapsalu Cultural centre and there were about 180 participants in the event. The theme of the seminar was Hidden risks. On the first day different perspectives on risks were discussed and people took part in many exciting working groups. The next day enterprises in Haapsalu and its’ surroundings were visited. The lecturers were professionals from Estonia, Finland and Denmark. The day was lead by Raivo Vare and Urmas Vaino, the main organizer was Liis Kitsing.

Year 2012 “Rail Baltica”

Thirteenth Logistics Seminar took part in Tartu, Dorpat Hotel and Conference centre, where there were about 240 participants. The main theme was Rail Baltica. Performances’ themes were Rail Baltica as a priority cooperation project, modal shift and also new opportunities in connection with the project. Lecturers were professionals from Estonia, Finland and Latvia. The day was lead by Raivo Vare and the main organizer was Sander Vanaisak.

Year 2011 “BE wise, THINK twice – ACT technologically”

Twelfth Logistics Seminar once again took place in Pärnu SPA & Conference Hotel Strand. There were about 275 participants. The seminar was focused on technology and novelty in logistics to offer a chance to present new technological opportunities that nowadays fast paced science can offer. Presented themes were related to movement of information as well as technological equipment aka software and hardware. Lecturers were professionals from Estonia, Finland, Austria and Argentine. On the second day people could visit two enterprises, Efore Ltd or Ltd Wendre. In addition to that, there were work groups aswell. Main organizer was Tair Teder.

Year 2010 “More than one way”

Eleventh seminar, for the first time ever, took place on a Tallink passenger ship, MS Baltic Queen, where about 275 participants took part in. Subtheme was intermodality which consisted of a discussion section: „What kind of tomorrow can intermodality bring“. Foreign lecturers were experts from Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. At the end of the day, lead by Illimar Paul, a unique essay competition PROLOG SCM Academy took place. After that, assisted by rhythmical dance beats by Jaan Kirsi and his family, the evening came to an end. On the second day four different terminals in Stockholm port were visited and also there were productive work groups. The second day came to an end and all participants could dance in the ship’s night club. The main organizer was Elen Tsopp.

Year 2009 “InnoTime- Innovation and effectivness in the field of logistics”

The 10th anniversary of Logistics Seminar took place in Tartu Dorpat conference centre. Two days consisted of delving into innovative topics, which would help to adapt on the market. How to keep abreast novel solutions and how to keep pace, not be left behind. Also finding practical solutions were discussed, to secure the position on the market. Lecturers from Austria, Finland and Estonia took part in the seminar. On the first day, there was an enthralling discussion panel and the final of a competition „The most innovative logistics company of 2009“. In the evening there was a banquet in the restaurant Atlantis. On the second day it was possible to see Tartu Airport or a trailer renting firm Respo. The main organizer was Helen Tiitmaa.

Year 2008 “Green logistics”

9th Logistics Seminar took place in Laulasmaa. The main focus was on enviromentaly friendly solutions in logistics. Once again, almost 300 people registered to the seminar. Lecturers attended from Canada, Germany and Sweden. The seminar’s program had a first time competition, where the Estonia’s most enviromentally friendly logistics company was chosen. The best part of the first day was a discussion panel themed „Go Green, No Green“ and the evening came to an end with an exciting pool party in Laulasmaa SPA. On the second day, lead by Roberst Antropov, Paldiski Northern port was visited. The main organizer was Lauri Latt.

Year 2007 ” Human resource current state and opportunities”

The eight Logistics Seminar took place in hotel Strand located in Pärnu. The seminar was focused on maximal realization of existing human resources potential and the need of effective leading and developing human resources. Foreign lecturers came from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia and Switzerland. For the first time ever, seminar program had discussion panel and mini fair, where students could actively meet different companies. For the first time the number of people visiting the seminar reached 300. Work groups took place on the second day and after the program there was a chance to visit AS Wendre and Pärnu Vocational Education Centre. The main organizer was Rennat Alamets.

Year 2006 “Silkway – anyway”

Seventh seminar took place between 28th and 29th April, 2009 in Jõhvi Concert Hall. The main focus was on information exchange in globalizing business world, search for cooperation opportunities and development of relations. The patron of the seminar was Tiit Vähi and the suitabilty of Estonia as a China’s business partner was discussed. Lecturers from Lithuania, Denmark, Russia and China attended. For the first time ever, synchronized translation to estonian, english and russian was available, also the first english working group took place. For the first time over 200 people took part in the seminar. On the second day an exciting terrain game took place and a visit to Sillamäe port. The main organizer was Lauri Tael.

Year 2005 „Networked business organisations in a global enviroment“

Sixth Logistics Seminar focused on networking business organisation’s key problems in globalizing business enviroment and global effects of networking in Estonia. Lecturers attended from Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Poland. Roosta vacation centre’s hall was packed. In the evening there were interesting working groups and a party. Main organizer was Marko Laanemets.

Year 2004 “More brains or more trains”

Fifth Logistics Seminar mainly focused on railroad transport, but it was skillfully combined with multimodal transport, transit and supply chain management. Seminar took place in Roosta vacation centre and for the first time, TTÜ and EMARA activists helped to make the seminar happen. The seminar was of a high competence. Foreign lecturers from Finland, Germany and Russia attended. On the second day, there was an excursion to Haapsalu Railroad Musem. There were 180 participants, but there were many more who wished to attend. All passes were sold in two days. Main organizer was Risto Valkenklau.

Year 2003 “Role of ports in the economy in Estonia and Baltic States”

Fourth seminar took place in 2003, 25th to 26th April in Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and Muuga port. The theme was „Ports’ role in Estonian and Baltic sea countries’ economy. Previously a wide range of logistics branches were discussed, that year they took a specific subject – harbour logistics. The seminar gave a good and overall glimpse at the situation of Estonian ports and development. Lecturers from Finland, Denmark and Russia attended. First time ever and excursion to a company was in the plan – to the port of Muuga. Due to difficulties, year 2003 seminar was planned and executed by second year students instead of the usual third year students and they managed to do it in just 3 months. Main organizers were Jaan Väärt and Raines Laul.

Year 2002 “Logistics as a link for effective transit”

Kolmas seminar toimus 26.–27. aprillil 2002. aastal Roosta Puhkekülas Läänemaal, põhiteemaks oli “Logistika kui link efektiivseks transiidimaaks”. Fookusesse oli võetud transiidi vajalikkus ning kasulikkus Eestile ning kuidas muuta seda efektiivsemaks logistika kaasabil. Osavõtjatel oli võimalus saada ülevaade Eesti transiidiärist ning sõna sekka öelda mitmete uute lahenduste rakendamisel logistikas. Kahe päeva jooksul arutati erinevate valdkondade üle: Eesti transpordipoliitika prioriteedid transiitettevõtja pilgu läbi, sadam kui peamine väljund läände, piirangute teooria logistikas, prognoos logistika arengule Eestis. Esmakordselt esines seminaril välislektor – Sanna Nieminen, Jyväskylä Ametikõrgkoolist Soomest. Peakorraldajad Rainer Rohtla, kes on nüüdseks Via 3L OÜ juhatuses ja Martin Berkmann.

Year 2001 “The role of logistics in the economic systems today and tomorrow”

Second Logistics Seminar took place in 2001, between 19th and 20th April also in Jäneda. The mein theme was „The role of logistics in economic system today and tomorrow“. Beside lectures, participants had a chance to take part in work groups. The main organizers were Jaanika Kula and Krista Kaja.

Year 2000 “Logistics as way of living”

The first Logistics Seminar, which was organized by students of Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, took place in Jäneda, on 19th-20th April, 2000. The main theme was „Logistics as a way of living“. Topics concerned the concept of logistics and logistic activities as a whole – seminar was an intro to logistics. Lecturers were academics as well as entrepreneurs. Over 80 students attended the seminar. Main organizers were Tarmo Tael and Janek Kivimurd.