We contacted Kristi, who took part of the Studentbox in Logistics seminar. Kristi is by now in his third year of studying Transport and Logistics and we asked him some questions to find out what was his impression of the Studentbox.


How did you get the idea to take part in the Studentbox?

After the first year of school, it is mandatory to do an introductory internship. Being completely new in the field of logistics, the Studentbox was the perfect place to find an intern spot. It was an event set up by the seminar team where multiple companies where invited and it was the perfect way to get to know different companies during a short time.

What did you expect from the Studentbox?

The Studentbox was intruduced as a great opportunity to find an internship spot but I had no expectations as I had no prior experience. Of course I was hoping I was going to stand out enough to get a job or an internship secured.

Did the Studentbox meet your expectations?

The Studentbox met my expectations and then some, it gave a great experience and a better preparation for future job interviews. Furthermore, it gave an overview of what are the expectations for interns and what are offered in exchange.

How many interviews did you have?

Basically I had an idea before the StudentBox about which companies interest me the most. This gave me a choice on what interviews to go to and which ones to skip. I had made my choice soon after the seminar and went on interviews with a couple of companies I had a mutual interest with.

On what basis did you choose the company for your internship?

I was delighted that ACE Logistics offered an internship spot and it stood out among the other companies. How? ACE had different stories on their homepage about how their ex interns had graduated and continued their career in ACE after, this alone gave me so much motivation and hope that this could become a permanent job. The first impression on ACE was overwhelmingly positive and I have to mention that this impression has stayed the same after 2 years.

What position did you get your internship as?

They offered me an internship in road transport performing different tasks. Because of my experience being close to nothing in the field of logistics, then it felt like a huge responsibility but I am very thankful to companies that trust and teach even a beginner student of logistics.

What was difficult/especially pleasant when you started your internship?

The environment was very interesting at the start, I experienced new situations constantly and got to learn from them. And of course because I had experienced so many new situations I dreamed of it all in sleep for at least a week. 🙂

Why did you choose to continue working in this particular company?

The experience I got from the internship was very positive and when I had the chance to continue working during my studies it seemed like a great opportunity. The job was already familiar and the employer also took my school schedule to account.

How has working changed you and what has it give to you?

Working has given me a huge experience. During my studies it is easier to create similarities between my work and what have I learned in school and also it is very good to bring the knowledge I have got from school to different work situations.

In what field do you see yourself working in the future?

I believe that starting work in one of the fields of logistics so early I have time to get to know other fields as well during my career, and why not to work in a different field. At the moment ACE has still a lot to offer me and I am excited to move to a new and bigger logistics center.

Would you recommend others to take part in the Studentbox and why?

I recommend everyone to take part, even those people that already have found an internhip spot because speaking to other companies it is possible to gather info on different companies that are linked to logistics. This way you have a better understanding on what are the options on the job market and you can also gather contacts for future internships.