We contacted Viljar, who took part in the Student box in the 2019 Logistics seminar. Viljar is by now in his third year of studying transport and logistics and we asked him some questions to find out what was his impression of the Student box.


How did you get the idea to take part in the Student box?

I got the idea from my friends who took part in the previous year and found themselves a good internship. I thought, why not grab the opportunity to also take part and maybe find a potential internship because I have nothing to lose, only to win.


What did you expect from the Student box?

I didn’t set any great expectations. My goal was to find a potential spot for an internship and find out what companies have to offer. I also didn’t prepare myself especially for the Student box.


Did the Student box meet your expectations?

Yes. Totally. Different companies offered opportunities and internships in very different fields.


How many interviews did you have?

After the Student box I had three job interviews.


On what basis did you choose the company for your internship?

I had no direct criteria. Above all, I chose the field I was interested in. Then came the other conditions like the location of the company, opportunities, whether the internship is paid or not, etc…


What position did you get your internship as?

I got my internship as a freight forwarder.


How were you welcomed in your company?

I was taken in and I felt welcome here.


What was difficult/especially pleasant when you started your internship?

Since the job was new for me, at first I had a hard time understanding the whole work process and learning the different processes, but thanks to my supportive colleagues I managed everything. What was especially pleasing was that my colleagues welcomed me well and the integration into the team was quick and smooth and the relationship between them was and still is good.


Why did you choose to continue working in this particular company?

Well, I had been here for a few months already and acquired knowledge, so it seemed like a natural continuation, I think.


Are you happy with your job?

Yes, I am happy with my current job. It offers me interesting challenges every day.


Would you recommend others to take part in the Student box and why?

I would definitely recommend taking part in the Student box, because above all it is a chance for students to stand out, put themselves to the test and find themselves a good internship or even a future job.



Viljar, DPD