As a result of the Logistics seminar 2019, a seminar will be organized by the third-year students of the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. The goal is to organize a seminar on logistics with sponsors, which is up-to-date and interesting for the audience. Presentations will be delivered by specialists and lecturers in their area, giving the audience new trends and future prospects.

-Introducing innovative and operational logistics solutions
-Provide useful contacts between students, lecturers and entrepreneurs
-Motivate Estonian logistics students
-Send and exchange topical business and logistics information
-Design a global and systematic way of thinking
-Expand the horizons

The jubilee seminar reminds us all in what kind of colorful and full of opportunities logistics world we live in. The keywords of the seminar are success, innovation and finding answers!

DREAM. Why do we let the obstacles push down our dreams? How do I fight for my opportunities? It is time to ask questions that no-one wants to answer and ask for answers that the media has been talking over for years. Experts will stand face to face to protect both – the country and the entrepreneurs.

CREATE. How does the world change around me? Why do we limit our opportunities? People in the field who have surprised us with unbelievable solutions and remarkable results will come to the public. We will be talking about why automation has become a seriously hot topic and how it should work for us.

INSPIRE. Are our options really limited? Where does my success begin? There will be remarkable people helping us find the answers. We will hear tips from the forefront of companies that have achieved tremendous success and will be taught to grow empires from a small idea.